Green Stars for Children has been introduced as an optional component of the SMALL GREEN STEPS program and has been designed to involve children in environmental activities.


The concept has been designed as a framework and allows you the flexibility to develop activities and conversations with children depending on their age. The only mandatory elements of the framework are to ensure that the following key elements are addressed:

  • Being able to identify natural items from man made items
  • Being able to identify items that can be recycled
  • Developing basic energy saving habits
  • Developing basic water saving habits
  • Involvement in growing plants, herbs or vegetables
  • Identify and understand the dangers of plastic pollution.

The exercise allows children to earn Green Stars by showing evidence that they understand each of the above environmental concepts and rewarding them for their actions.

Suggested basic and advanced activities are shown below however we stress that you have the freedom to develop and introduce your own activities to cover each of the key elements. This may be an evolving process until you find the right activities for each age group.

Many of these steps are also included in the overall SMALL GREEN STEPS program however the emphasis on this occasion is on the involvement of children and the lessons that they learn.