Almost every State and Territory in Australia has taken some steps to protect our valuable waterways and marine life, whether it is in the form of container deposit schemes, single use plastic bag bans or a government plan to combat marine plastic pollution.

However according to Boomerang Alliance, the state of Victoria is seriously lagging behind all others and is in real danger of becoming known as Australia’s dirtiest state.

It is time for Victorian’s to step up and let your State Government know that this position is not acceptable. 

Childcare services operating throughout Victoria should take some time to send a message to the state Environment minister by signing a petition supporting the introduction of a 10 cent container deposit scheme. The Boomerang Alliance petition can be found here:



Container deposit schemes have proven to be a very effective tool in reducing the volume of plastic pollution and increasing the volume of recycling.

SA already have a container deposit scheme in place and other states and territories such as WA, NT, ACT, QLD and NSW have also introduces or announced that they will introduce a deposit container scheme.