The Small Green Steps program has recently been launched to childcare centres and nurseries in the UK.  The majority of the original program material has remained untouched however the Australian specific material has been replaced by UK material.



The focus on sustainable energy was switched to wind power rather than solar power (for obvious reasons) but it was surprising that they sill insisted on keeping water efficiency tips in place – due to a range of water restrictions that were put in place a few years ago.


UK child care centres don’t have the same NQS requirements as their Australian counter parts so the success and demand for the program in the UK will be solely based on their desire to teach children sustainable practices from a young age.

The launch was made in Glasgow, Scotland by Mr. Peter Divers the lead project coordinator at the Drumchapel Clean Up crew and Small Green Steps UK Manager.


The program has also captured the attention of one of the local Universities and a councilor from the Scottish National Party (SNP) has been approached to promote the program amongst his colleagues.


We will keep you up to date on how the program progresses.



 The seaside town of Adrossan in Ayrshire Scotland UK.