The Small Green Steps program and associated online courses are  available to childcare educators across the USA. The online sustainability program has already been a hit with early learning organizations in the UK and Australia.

The program was created by Sustainable Directions Pty Ltd who have now partnered with leading childcare training specialists IN SAFE HANDS, to offer the online program to childcare and daycare facilities registered across the USA. Details of the program and other sustainable learning options are




A 40 step online sustainability program that is completed by childcare facilities as a whole. There are four levels to tackle and certificates are awarded in the name of the childcare on completion of each level. Each level can be purchased as follows:

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- Small Green Steps Level 1 - More Info & Purchase HERE $80

- Small Green Steps Level 2 - More Info & Purchase HERE $80

- Small Green Steps Level 3 - More Info & Purchase HERE $80

- Small Green Steps Level 4 - More Info & Purchase HERE $80 





Four short online sustainability courses for individual educators are also available from IN SAFE HANDS. Certificates are issued in the name of the educator on succesful completion of each course. The four courses are:


- Sustainability for Educators - More Info & Purchase HERE $45

- Plastic Pollution - More Info & Purchase HERE $45

- Supporting Children in Sustainability - More Info & Purchase HERE $45

- Energy Efficiency for Educators - More Info & Purchase HERE $45




The Enviro Educator is a sustainability book written by the creator of the Small Green Steps program. The book is an essential resource for any educator of young children who wants to learn more about sustainability and how to encourage the next generation to embrace environmentally responsible habits at a young age.


- Printed Book - Soft cover available from AMAZON - More Info & Purchase HERE $24.99 

- eBook - Download available from the APPLE iBook Store - Search 'The Enviro Educator'  $14.99


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