autumn 1657662 1280 copyThe Small Green Steps ONLINE program involves four levels ranging from Basic to Best Practice.  Each level contains 10 steps to introduce sustainability at your Centre. The program information will give all you need to embed sustainability across your service and help you encourage children to develop an appreciation of nature.

Completion of each level will earn your Centre a SMALL GREEN STEPS certificate for that level. There is no time limit to complete the program however the majority of childcare services participating in the program, complete all four levels within 12 months. 

Save money by purchasing all Four Levels of the Small Green Steps program as a package. 

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Level One provides you with all you need to establish a sustainability framework at your Centre including:

- Announcing your objectives

- Handling objections

- Forming a Green Team

- Terms of Reference

- Enviro activities for Children

- Creating a Commitment Statement

- Creating an Enviro Policy

- Enviro resources for staff

- Green Team meetings.

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Level Two provides you with all the information you need to reduce your WASTE including:

- Tracking your waste

- Waste Management REFUSE

- Waste Management REDUCE

- Waste Management REUSE

- Waste Management REPURPOSE

- Waste Management RECYCLE

- Litter Pick Ups

- Plastic Free Lunches

- Chickens, Composting & Worm Farms.

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Level Three includes information on:

- Creating an Edible Garden 

- Sustainable Playgrounds 

- Engaging Parents in sustainability

- Tree Planting 

- Enviro learning resources for Children 

- Tracking Electricity use 

- Energy Efficiency 

- Tracking Water use 

- Water Saving.

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Level Four provides you with information on:

Conducting a Sustainability Inspection

- Sustainable HR practices 

- Solar PV 

- Sustainability of main supplies 

- Sustainability review of key suppliers 

- Hosting a sustainability event 

- PR opportunities 

- Car Free Day 

- Continual Improvement.

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